Wednesday, December 30, 2009

BOOTY OF THE WORLD steatopygia in khoisan khoikhoi kalahari desert

You may know that booty, that is to say badonkadonk (who knows the etymology, letmeknow), scientific: steatopygia, regarded by khoisan and me as beautiful, celestiality par with 12-year-old-boy -assed girls.

History: The first badonkadonk famous in the West was carried on the back of one of two Dutch-owned slaves from South Africa, raid-orphaned Sarah-key, who in 1810 in the ambition of wealth sailed to England for an exhibition in a human zoo, to participate along with among others a set of siamese twins (unfortunately male, also with looks which could only give to ideaistic fantasy).

Sarah-key, a girl of the pastoral Khoikhoi who had come south and pushed out the less nourished San, until the Bantu forced them smaller arid areas, possessed a trait of her people, a curiosity to whites...

Billed by whites Venus of the traditionally, and still coloquially, Hottentots (though not actually, as venus figurines "do not strictly qualify as steatopygian, since they exhibit an angle of approximately 120 degrees between the back and the buttocks, while steatopygia strictly speaking is diagnosed at an angle of about 90 degrees only." (Passemard 1938)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Differences in Ass in Peoples of the World, South African Khoikhoi

anyone with relevant photos please send them to me.

and finally, something for the ladies, in Khoisan people steatopygia is also seen in men

Monday, December 28, 2009

Andaman Booty, Also Semang of Malay

Anyone with relevant photos send them to me.

These people are part of the negrito line.

Andaman woman

Onge Woman

Jarawa Girls

Andaman Girls

Where are the Andaman Islands?

East of India, West of Siam

The Negrito Family Tree

Semang Region of Malaysia

The Negrito Line Route

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Booty of Latin America

Here are some Latin Bootys. It seems to me that some time long ago I found some evidence and photos of booty development in Brazilian Indians. However, now I can't find them. Damn. If anyone has any, send them to me.
Also I am uncertain what part of the Brazilian booty is strictly inherited from Brazilian Indians, and what part is due to African heritage.

Latin girls love to show their bodies, displaying their great shape and health.


Muscular and gripping, working booty, like saddlebags flanking.

Full and muscular, less facets evidenced, and less complicated fat areas of soft tissue under various tensions of skin

Brazilian Booty seems develop in a formation of two strong separated cheeks. It seems more muscular and less fatty than the African type, and sometimes very round.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

A note on European-Armenian booty Kim K

Here I'll add a couple photos of recent famous-for-doing-a-porn-promotional, (?kicking herself for waiting so long after it made the career of her skinny best friend. Don't forget, though, Paris also has the ability to coin catchphrases, and she has a demure gentility that never makes a nuisance of her).
But where the hell did she get that junk? Her father Armenian with Scotch roots and her mother's dutch-skottish
Does anyone else know of any white girls with an ass like this?

I know some guys who would be saying "What the fuck!" but all those in the know know what that would look like laying ass up on a bed when she starts to laugh.
Anyone have a copy of her video by the way? I've only seen the one one streaming video sites, with the lame Vivid overdubs and shitty cutting.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Differences in Ass by Race, White and Asian

White women and men, notorious for having no ass. Our later puberty? Science right now if seeking answers. Rare is the white sexy booty though. You can find fat white asses. They're usually square as blocks, and the fat borders the ass in a huge square, and none stickin out. However, baby fat, on young white girls...

You can tell this girls a little thick, you both know it may not hold too many more years, but right now, damn! she's sexy.

(How would you like to be in this girls room? You know you can smell that perfume that fills her room.) The curve of a well rounded young white ass, (back arched) (That's what you gotta do ladies. Put a kink in that shit.)

I now draw attention to the skinny young white woman. White people seem to have a bit of flabby fat on their asses. If it's just that bit, it's bitably sexy. Seems it can be accentuated well with white tan lines on the same spot where a fat black ass booty has a shape too.

Again, skinny white girl with some flabby sexy fat on her ass accentuated by a white tan line. God Damn!

This is white "booty". Bit thick, healthy. It's like a hearty meal. Like comparing the thick boiled potatoes and steak and vegetables, a really thick meal, to the food outside Northern Europe.

Young white asses with a bit of fat on them. White girls have a nice shape to their asses, that sloping outward shape.

Japanese ?booty?
Some asian girls can have big asses. Not the type of booty back you get with fat and muscle, but it's got a certain sexiness.

This big white asian ass is lifting from the water like a huge wide whale.

Actually, something I dig about Japanese girls is they sometimes have these big asses, kinda flat, but with shape and some thickness, with wide hips. It makes my mouth water and my heart tremble like I'm Jerry-lees little wife sitting on the piano. Not this picture though. Usually that described ass looks killer in jeans. This picture shows an asian girl with the type of booty I was talking about with wihte girls earlier. But with wide-ass hips boy.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Black Girls Got the Shit in their BACK

A dream of a place where women are such thick healthy amazons, and the meat on their ass slides like plate tectonics under it's own weight

Black woman. I notice all these women are light skinned black tho. ANy theories? Lots of the black women I've seen have soft soft jelly like booty, or more baby-like formations of ass. This girl got that thick hip ratio with the meat all over in different sections.

Seems the more white, the more thick-hard the booty, not so much facets of different areas of meat. Just one big round thick thang.

Bit darker. She got some projection, some roll down, and some meaty ched under the skan.

Thick ass look thick from every angle. It just roll on out on the floor. The thighs around the top of the leg thick too. Could suffocate a small child in there. Nothin else big. Just healthy.

This woman basically black, if not totally African-heritage.take away the thick health between her hip and her calf, she got a body almost like a white woman would have. Naw, tho. Look how healthy-thick every part of every limb is. Those thighs and Hips are thick.

Lay her down. It still be round construction of booty. She archin, but still.

Venus black like an African. Her flesh all muscle. She could crush you between those muscles.

Black booty. big, round, projection, meant, facets, muscle in a big round, hunchin up her back, bit of ched under the skin.

Pale girl. Look how it hangs out. She gotta lean top of her legs forward to counterbalance the weight. It just be saggin down. Legs are thin, right up to the ass. White heritage?

Fit into that. Black booty. Thick and full.

Black woman. Thick everywhere, but not fat.

This body makes me think of a white woman. Almost. She got that elegance of form, like that high-class socialite thang. Her ass slopes out like a nice white ass too. But it's bigger at the foot. She's black tho, as you can tell by her face.

Are you helping her get into those shorts, or makin sure ther're up right? That girl makes me think of South Africans. The other one of West Africans. Opinions?

She's layed down, but her ass is in two round blocks stickin right up. It's like their just askin, askin what?

Now then. A round moonlike arc, totally rounded comes out of the hip, upwards in a round arc, up and out, then still roundin, all the way round, underneigh still the same wide round arc. And thick on the sides, the center, into other fat+meat formations on the upper legs.

"Oh, hello." Where these women just come out of the trees.

I really like it when they cram all that into their jeans. You got something like that waiting at home to pull out of her jeans that are packin it all in? Send me some in jeans, comin out of jeans, and free of jeans pics.

the flatness and not-full-on-the-center-or-wings of this ass reminds me of shite asses. But that wide hip, that thick upper leg all tapering down to the ankle... actually, with the belly and back she reminds me of the andaman girls, like she's malaysian or something. Enigma.

This girl liiight black. Her flesh not as lush. It's tucked in where it can be, It's all constrained. The muscles are taught and straining. The ass is a bit white-angled on the top face. her arms a bit flabby in white locations.

Black stripper. Check how soft it all is. You could shake that like thick jello. Muscle in the ass tho.

Black ass, baby shape style. Boxy, muscular underneigth.

Just takin it for a walk.

Monsters, African style. Tied up like show-ponies.

This girl light. She got that up-ridin muscle, and that roundness all the way around, tho it sharpens a bit on the underside (white).

This girl looks like she's white. Or Latin. Check out the projection on the top of that hard muscle-meat tho.